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The average diameter of the MSPs was nm, dispersed with well-proportioned size and magnetic resonance, the saturation magnetization was 3. It is expected that FMSPs are bifunctional nano-materials including fluorescence labelling and magnetic separation. Key words Foundation item: Integrated nanoparticle-biomolecule hybrid systems: Synthesis, properties, and applications [J]. International Edition, , 43

mao’s great famine t h e h i s t o r y o f c h i n a ’ s m o c a t a s t r o p h e, 1 9 5 8 – 6 f r a n k d i k Ö t t e r ‘revolution is not a dinner party.’ description. the history of china.

Magnon auto-oscillation in domain walls by spin transfer torque Nishida, N. Magnons are the fundamental excitations in magnetic materials and are attractive for applications in information technology devices. They do not involve charge transport and the associated waste heat and offer high operating frequencies up to the THz range. When a charge current is applied to a bilayer consisting of Pt and a ferromagnetic metal, the spin currents originating from the spin Halle effect in the Pt layer generate a spin transfer torque to the magnetizations in the ferromagnetic layer.

This allows to efficiently drive auto-oscillations of magnons[1]. We focused on domain walls as local nano magnon channels[2], and investigated the magnon auto-oscillation in the domain walls. As shown in Fig.

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Rising rents and irreconcilable differences with its head office in the United States have seen fast-food chain Hardee’s end its year relationship with Hong Kong. Its last two restaurants closed Wednesday. Internet access slows to a crawl after quake – Rescue workers search for survivors at a collapsed building in southern Pingtung county December 27, after a strong earthquake shook Taiwan.

A study of the warring states graphs: structural discrepancies between the Chu area and the Qin state Nagakura, Yukiko

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Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited. Chinese potters discern two types of products: Western potters and scholars differentiate stoneware, which is semi-porous, from porcelain, which is completely vitrified. The earliest ceramics in the world are thought to have been made in China around 15, years ago. By the Shang dynasty, potters in China began to decorate the surfaces of their pottery with ash glaze, in which wood ash mixed with feldspar in clay to impart a shiny surface to the pottery.

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The Permanent Collection consists of the objects that can be displayed in the museum’s galleries, while the Study Collection contains potsherds, kiln wasters, and complete pieces of lesser quality. John Pope, director of the Freer Gallery from to , made a concerted effort to assemble sherds, wasters, and kiln tools for use in study and technical analysis by the museum’s Department of Conservation and Scientific Research and by other scholars.

Pope was one of some three dozen donors to the Study Collection. The bulk of the material was donated by interested amateurs, business executives, and U. Foreign Service employees who lived and collected in Asia. One interesting discovery of this review of the Study Collection’s ceramics found in Southeast Asia is the relatively limited quantity of Chinese material approximately examples, about 7. This low percentage seems somewhat surprising.

From at least the ninth century, Chinese ceramics were popular trade goods for Southeast Asian consumers, who used and collected these pots and often buried them to accompany the deceased on their next voyage. Chinese celadons and porcelains inspired and stimulated potters in the region. Their limited numbers notwithstanding, donated Chinese ceramic fragments were found mixed with local wasters and potsherds at kiln sites and in fields and habitation sites throughout Southeast Asia.

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On the other hand, the recovery and enrichment of metals, especially noble metals, from waste water is also crucial. To address these issues, nanotechnology plays an essential role in environmental monitoring and pollution control. To remove metals from contaminated water, or enrich metals from waste water, carbon nanotubes CNTs and their composites have attracted great attention due to their excellent adsorption performance.

Herein, we review the applications of CNTs in treatment of toxic metal-containing wastewater for environmental monitoring and metals recovery.

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Books relating to Changsha and brief extracts from same to provide context of its use in English literature. The process by which conflicting speech codes have caused sound change and semantic variation over fifty years in the Changsha speech community will be used as an example. Three spoken codes in the Changsha dialect In the

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NAG7 may exert the function by up-regulating the expression of these proteins The experiments demonstrated that the structural motif of HWTX-I is well promising for protein engineering, and the solid-phase peptide synthesis is adequate rapid for the engineering of artificially designed small proteins By using this the procedure, 10 protein spots in a silver-stained gel of 2-DE of crude venom of the spider S.

Huwena were analyzed and identified Comparison of the cDNA sequences of the eight peptides from S. The different significantly gene expression during embryos developing between diploid and haploid is demonstrated All of these results support the conclusion that HWTX-I has the presynaptic activity that effects the release of neurotransmitter from the nerve endings of both the cholinergic synapse and the adrenergic synapse Indentification of venom proteins of spider S.

Huwentoxin-V, a novel insecticidal peptide toxin from the spider Selenocosmia huwena, and a natural mutant of the toxin: The structure-activity relationship indicates that the residues Phe34 and Ser35 in the C-terminus of HWTX-V are the key residues of the biological activity This facilitated de novo peptide sequencing, so it is an important contribution to unambiguous protein identification in proteome research.

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