Tributes to two figures in the Dinky and Corgi world

The firm now trading as Johnson Bros. They later took the name of Chad Valley as their registered trademark and the building was to remain as the company headquarters for over seventy years. In that same year both the Wellington and Harborne works were extended as business continued to increase. Interestingly enough they also featured Stand Nos. This may have had something to do with the fact that earlier in a bold move the Palace had been approached by Chad Valley executives for permission to produce dolls of the Royal Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose. The Second World War resulted in production of toys being dramatically cut as the Chad Valley factories concentrated their output to the war effort with government contracts for the production of such items as wooden instrument cases and cases for use in anti-aircraft guns, hospital tables and tent poles, auto-pilots and charts. However one factory was retained by the government for toy manufacture, specialising in the production of jigsaws, chess sets, draughts and dominoes for use in military hospitals and the Forces generally. In it stopped being a family business and became a public limited company. Over the next ten years or so they go on to expand by acquiring several companies including in the metal toy manufacturers of Hall and Lane, in the family business of Robert Brothers Gloucester Ltd. The Glevum range of toys and games were to be produced in Harborne at an additionally factory, the Wee-Kin Works, on the banks of the Chad.

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Feb 05,  · Corgi Toys # – Batmobile Corgi Toys # – Batboat & Trailer Released Date: – The Batmobile is the automobile of DC Comics superhero car has evolved along with the character from comic books to television and films. [] Kept in the Batcave, which it accesses through a hidden entrance, the Batmobile is a gadget-laden vehicle used by Batman in his Author: Flaming-Kuda’ Diecast Cars.

The name ‘Corgi Toys’ was chosen by Philip Ullmann in honour of the company’s new home, taken from the Welsh breed of dog, the Corgi and the iconic Corgi logo branded the new range. Corgi Toys’ initial sales gimmick was to include plastic glazing[1] which lent the models a greater authenticity, and they carried the advertising slogan ‘the ones with windows’.

Initially, all models were issued in free-rolling form, or with friction drive motors, with the exception of the heavy commercials which would have been too bulky and the sports cars whose low slung bodies would not be able to accommodate the motors. The Mechanical versions, as they were known, were indicated by an ‘M’ suffix to the model number and were available in different colour schemes.

They were issued with tougher die-cast bases to support the extra weight of the motor, and in far fewer numbers. Mechanical versions did not sell particularly well, partly due to a significantly higher purchase price, and were phased out in with Ford Thunderbird M the last of the line. The die-cast baseplates were expanded across the range to replace the original tin plate at the same time.

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The Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi have similar backgrounds. The Pembroke is the newer of the two, dating from , according to the American Kennel Club. Flemish weavers brought the Pembroke to Wales.

What to Do With an Aggressive Corgi? Because corgis were bred as herders, they can be feisty. The Pembroke is the newer of the two, dating from , according to the American Kennel Club. Flemish weavers brought the Pembroke to Wales. The weavers were also farmers who put the Pembroke corgis to work herding cattle. The Cardigan is one of the earliest dog breeds in Britain, dating from about B. The Welsh, who owned little land at the time, grazed cattle on common land.

They trained Cardigans to nip the heels of cattle to drive them away to cover more land. The Cardigan and the Pembroke were officially recognized as separate breeds in The biggest differences in appearance are that the Cardigan has a tail and is larger, and the Pembroke has more of a foxy look with pointier ears. You need to be somewhat aggressive to deal with an animal six times your height. Corgis needed to be almost nasty to get the cattle to move.

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Dinky Toys are die-cast zamac miniature vehicles that were produced by Meccano Ltd. They were made in England from to , at a factory in Binns Road in Liverpool. Dinky Toys were among the most popular diecast vehicles ever made predating other popular diecast marques, including Corgi.

Thunderbirds and Man from U. Ilkley Toy Museum Tin Plate Toys How many times have you wondered just what happened to those little cars you used to play with, or that old dolls house that appeared one Christmas morning all those years ago? Well, they’re here – complete with all the memories. The exhibits represent a journey back to childhood and each one must be keeping the secrets of thousands of happy hours spent by children and their limitless imaginations.

The museum contains one of the finest private collections of toys in the North of England with a particularly fine display of early English wooden dolls. The museum displays dolls, dolls houses, teddy bears, tin plate toys, lead figures and a selection of games together with wooden and paper toys. Dating from BC to the present day the exhibits also include a ‘s English working model fairground.

Other exhibits include toys which date from the ‘s and ‘s, including popular television characters, “proper cars with rubber tyres”, Cowboys and Indians and miniature toy soldiers. Old or young there is certainly something for everyone at the Ilkley Toy Museum. The museum also offers a selection of unusual and traditional toys, games and jigsaw puzzles for sale, together with a range of Ilkley Toy Museum gifts and souvenirs.

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Tributes to two figures in the Dinky and Corgi world Reflections on the recent passing of two key figures in the Dinky and Corgi world. With sadness, we note the recent passing of Marcel R. A key figure in Corgi, he was the Chief Designer from — 83, so all Corgi Collectors owe him a huge debt of gratitude. We continually refer to his book on an almost daily basis here, and indeed, although we never actually got to meet him in person, we have handled several of his prototype models, including for us, one of the most remarkable models the Coronation Coach why did we not take a picture of it at the time?

This prompted us to look at some other noteworthy prototypes from Marcel Van Cleemput that we have handled including:

Corgi toys were introduced to the UK in when they were manufactured in Swansea, Wales. As well as creating a range of James Bond toys, the company has also created models of the cars.

With an inventory of British Motorcycles as large as ours the displays in the five halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum and constantly evolving and changing. On the special exhibits page you will find the latest news on our latest, temporary, exhibits. However our mainly alphabetical listings are designed to whet your appetite as regards just how special a place The National Motorcycle Museum really is.

The team exists to showcase some of the museum’s competition inventory as it was originally intended to be used – back on track! For full details and some great video footage see the main Team National Motorcycle Museum page. Close Latest Acquisitions During any given year any number of new machines will go on display within the five large halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum.

On this page you will find regular updates about which machines have just come into the collection. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to make your visit informative as well as enjoyable. With decades of combined experience our team are able to help with many of the queries that you might have about the British Motorcycles that make up the Museum collection. You can discover more about everyone on the main Meet the Team page and find out more about their roles within the greatest motorcycle museum in the world.

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Rare Dinky toy collection fetches £150k at Devon auction

John Kinchen, from Portsmouth, collected the vehicles for decades before his death last year, with models dating from to the early s. Auctioneer Piers Motley said the collection had been “well known amongst the Dinky world for decades”. As a child Mr Kinchen was bought a couple of pre-war dinkies as a child, which sparked his enthusiasm for the miniature vehicles, Mr Motley said.

Toy expert Bob Leggett said collectors were “very much a grey-haired audience” who were willing to spend a lot of money “to recreate their youth”.

He said Dinky toys, which were manufactured from the s to the s, largely had the model vehicle market to themselves until the s, and therefore had a “slightly larger collecting fraternity” today than later rival brands such as Corgi Toys.

From a tomb dating — BCE, Kerameikos Archaeological Museum, Athens Most children have been said to play with whatever they can find, such as sticks and rocks. Toys and games have been unearthed from the sites of ancient civilizations. They have been written about in some of the oldest literature. Toys excavated from the Indus valley civilization — BCE include small carts, whistles shaped like birds, and toy monkeys which could slide down a string.

Thousands of years ago, Egyptian children played with dolls that had wigs and movable limbs which were made from stone, pottery, and wood. When Greek children, especially girls, came of age it was customary for them to sacrifice the toys of their childhood to the gods. On the eve of their wedding, young girls around fourteen would offer their dolls in a temple as a rite of passage into adulthood. The game consisted of a square divided into 14 parts, and the aim was to create different shapes from these pieces.

In Iran “puzzle-locks” were made as early as the 17th century AD.

What to Do With an Aggressive Corgi?

My friend Erik introduced me to the term. Erik scoffed at the question. A website and an online community availed itself. And though in a few months Erik had shucked the label and moved on to dating a perfectionist valedictorian from Erie, PA, I slowly absorbed the asexual label into myself.

A collection of thousands of rare Dinky toys sells for £, at an auction of “international significance”.

A History of Tin Toys. The one area of yesterdays toys that I never get tired of delving into is that of tinplate toys. There again it is such a vast area for the collector, both serious and not quite so, to choose from …. Because it is such a large topic to cover in one go it is an area which I will be returning to time and time again under various headings.

Prior to WW1 the early tin toys were often painstakingly hand painted — the advent of chromolithography was to change all that. The technique allowed multi-coloured illustrations to be printed on to flat sheets of tinplate which could then be stamped out and put together by means of bendable tabs to form the finished toy. By the early part of the 20th century Germany was the leading producer of tin toys in the world a position which it maintained right up to the outbreak of WW So much so that when peace eventually returned toy makers everywhere had a great deal of lost ground to make up.

But this new dawn also saw the emergence of a new market leader in the shape of Japan. Not just wind-up and friction drive motors but Japanese tin plate toys were also incorporating battery power not simply to drive the toy but also to provide lights and sounds. But the market never stands still and despite this relative boom in the post war era, tin toy manufacturing was facing its biggest threat yet ……..

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The smaller cars were in a scale of 1: Because of the introduction of data processing, the British Dinky Toys range was reorganized in with a new numbering system — previously model numbers were commonly followed by letters and often sold in sets with several vehicles. Now each model had its own unique three digit catalogue number with no letters , and cars were now sold in individual boxes Smeed , p.

A number of Dinky models from the mid s. Featured prominently are a couple of no.

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Good for apartment living if given sufficient exercise Lap Dog: Yes Good With Children: Good with all children when socialized while a puppy; remember that this is a herding breed and will nip at heels and hands in order to control so you must supervise your Pembroke Welsh Corgi to keep everyone safe Good With Other Pets: Good with other dogs when socialized while a puppy; not trustworthy with non-canine pets General Appearance Low-set, strong, sturdily built and active, giving an impression of substance and stamina in a small space.

Should not be so low and heavy-boned as to appear coarse or overdone, nor so light-boned as to appear racy. Outlook bold, but kindly. Expression intelligent and interested. Never shy nor vicious. Correct type, including general balance and outline, attractiveness of headpiece, intelligent outlook and correct temperament is of primary importance.

Movement is especially important, particularly as viewed from the side. A dog with smooth and free gait has to be reasonably sound and must be highly regarded.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Early history[ edit ] Rover 90 and Riley Pathfinder Mettoy became established in Northampton and within six years of the company’s founding, the Northampton factory had employees. This provided many new jobs in an area of high unemployment following the scaling down of local coal mining operations. However, in the early s, they began producing a few products in cast metal. The first was a large scale wind-up racer made with a cast aluminum body and tin plate wheels.

The body material was soon changed to die cast zinc and it was refitted with cast wheels and molded rubber tires.

Pictures, Information, Pricing and Free Valuations for Dinky Toys and Corgi. In depth Dinky Gallery and Shop with over models listed. Experts in Buying, Selling and Researching Diecast Collectables.

Process[ edit ] A die-cast biplane. The metal used in die-casting is either a lead alloy used early on , or more commonly, Zamak called Mazak in the UK , an alloy of zinc with small quantities of aluminium and copper. Lead or iron are impurities that must be carefully avoided in Zamac, as they give rise to a deterioration of the metal most commonly called zinc pest.

The terms white metal or pot metal are also used when applied to alloys based more on lead or iron. The most common die-cast vehicles are scale models of automobiles , aircraft , military vehicles, construction equipment , and trains , although almost anything can be produced by this method, like Monopoly game pieces, furniture handles, or metal garden sprinklers. Industry leaders[ edit ] A die cast Boeing model in 1: The first models on the market were basic, consisting of a small vehicle body with no interior.

In the early days, as mentioned, it was common for impurities in the alloy to result in zinc pest , and the casting would distort, crack, or crumble.

Corgi Toys Plaxton Paramount Coach C771 production date 1984