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Joomla 4 Compatibility Guaranteed Joomla 4 is around the corner and we are working hard to make all our Joomla free templates, Joomla pro templates and Joomla extensions compatible with the version. We are updating everything frequently so when Joomla 4 stable release comes out, you can update without giving any second thought. Highly Customizable Joomla Themes A common question we get is: What can I change on my theme? You can change anything you want about your site–from the layout to colors, typography or mega menu the way it functions–to make it uniquely yours. One Click Joomla Installer Time is money and less time you spend on website building more time you can invest on your business. Been there, done that.

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[Joomla! extension] The SSL Redirect plugin is able to redirect non-secure HTTP-pages to secure HTTPS-pages, and back again. Which pages need to be served through SSL and which not, can be configured through plugin parameters: Per Menu-Item, per component, etcetera.

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Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Discover what true love is because infatuation is not love! There’s absolutely nothing wrong wanting an attractive partner and neither does this desire make one unspiritual or unholy! Falling in love is never enough! Learn how to progress with peace and confidence into courtship!

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Your Joomla pages will fly Easy to use, while offering advanced options Optimize loading times with a few clicks User Reviews I love this extension. Jordan Weinstein Backgrounds When optimizing a Joomla! Caching should be enabled, PNG-images should be indexed, unneeded Joomla! But another important trick to speed up your site is to limit the number of HTTP requests made by the browser to load the Joomla! The Yireo ScriptMerge plugin performs this trick by altering the Joomla!

There are various other plugins available doing the same job, but in our tests these plugins did not fullfill the job: They were either written using an older coding standard without a JPlugin-class or not checking things properly for instance whether CSS-files were actually readable. Our ScriptMerge plugin does the job, but just a bit better.

Do not use randomly, but first make sure your site is working properly. If file A contains an error and file B does not, merging file A and B together in file C will cause file C to have an error as well. In most cases of JavaScript errors or major CSS issues, ScriptMerge will make things worse – not because ScriptMerge being malfunctioning, but because your site has issues and ScriptMerge will simply magnify these issues.

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We focus mainly to databases and information systems in client-server or service oriented SOA environments, dealing with information management, sharing, exchange, utilization, data mining and publishing in Internet, Intranet or for mobiles. We offer either ready-made solutions based on open-source, own or 3rd party products, or individual development and solution design tailor-made to clients’ needs and requests.

The philosophy behind the open-source for us is not to reinvent the wheel, but to be able to use and combine the best features available.

Several extensions can help you work with photographic images on your Joomla! content management system. Here are some of the best. Multithumb is the Swiss Army knife of image manipulation. If you’re not picky, it might be the only such extension you’ll need.

The template function is so powerful, and design is awesome! Very intuitive, powerful, and packed with all the right options. I love it, love the product and your support service! My project is launched now with very good design. I will buy more templates etc. Fortunately the treatment was successful and I am cured. Thanks to people at such a wonderful manufacture of truly professional templates from AgeThemes. The service development with 5 starts, vote for this guys!

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Service is the part of the loyalty program Essential Plugins for Your Website: Installation and configuration of the plugins are included. Installation of the template with demo content is not included. The installation will be completed within 3 hours by our Service Center once the access details to your hosting server has been received. Service is valid for one website.

Spam is an inevitable problem for any WordPress site having comments enabled. There are lots of powerful methods you can take advantage of to prevent your site from this worst nightmare. One of these methods you can apply easily is to use an anti-spa.

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High quality, fast loading, easy-to-use web designs Compatible Joomla 2. That said, tests are still to be done on older templates, though we are entirely confidents. We must ask you a little patience nonetheless until we give you the results.

Hi Guys. Is a password that you use actively to protect an account secure?Do you know How to Check your passwords against the Pwned Passwords database?

Select form our array of beautifully designed Joomla templates and build website in minutes. See Quix in Action At iJoomla. We found all this in the expose framework. We are utterly impressed with this template, the code, the CSS, the backend settings and more and we will be using it on over 15 iJoomla sites on iJoomla. This framework makes our lives so much easier, we love it! The developer has been great to work with, very responsive and open for feedback. The attractive and easy to use backend administration is what drew me in, but the incredibly clean and easy to modify code base is what sealed the deal.

Ever since I first started using Expose I have spent most of my free time contributing ideas and code back into the framework. Expose will dramatically speed up your development time and give you options you never had before… and there is a LOT more coming! Jonathan Shroyer Owner, Design Innovations I started with Joomla in and spent way too much time on templates, design and layout.

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Weather Module for Joomla 2. With the help of CMS software, users can easily create professional websites with no need for learning any programming language. Joomla is great software, which helps hundreds of thousands of webmasters building and managing their website day-by-day. There are however users who are looking for simpler solutions for building a business website. For them a website builder might be just the perfect choice. At iPage you can get the website builder that you need to create a professional looking small business website.

Joomla!® is a free, award-winning content management system written in PHP which allows users to publish their content on the world wide web and intranets easily. Joomla is created as an open-source project where individuals and teams contribute their skills to .

Most powerful, yet simple and Free, Social Networking solution for Joomla. Online Community Transform your Joomla users into a thriving online community. Your users, your way, on your site will help you achieve your highest engagement goals. This means that you can install it on all your websites and use it forever. Learn more about your GPL v2 privileges. Secure Quality and security comes by design.

Best practice coding and peer reviews help us produce top notch secure code for your websites. Community Builder is one of the most secure scripts available for Joomla. Huge Community We have been here for over 10 years and still growing. Community Builder powering over 8 million websites worldwide. Profiles Users feel at home on your website with their own space. They can pick their profile image and canvas image and also complete other information your Community Builder configuration calls for.

Profile apps can also be configured to let users share even more content with other community members.

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JoomlaShine is the only company that provides premium-quality joomla templates for free. Another prominent product is JSN PageBuilder, which is the most advanced page builder in Joomla world.

Published by Joomla Masters on November 14, Performing a Joomla upgrade or update is not as simple as just pushing a couple of buttons to sub in the newest version. Joomla releases new versions for a number of reasons. Depending upon the upgrade that you are performing, there can be major differences between those versions. Lots of website elements must be considered, which means many opportunities for things to go wrong.

Our experience in performing Joomla upgrades over the years has taught us a few things. You can use Akeeba Backup. The free version will make you a nice backup that includes BOTH your files and database. The Pro version lets you set up automated backups, upload to Dropbox and more.

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Thanks to a new Ann Arbor-based browser extension DateAha! Though not a dating site itself, what DateAha! Once installed, a user can leave anonymous comments regarding someone’s profile based on dates or interactions gone wrong and those comments can be viewed by other DateAha! Any comment can be replied to and the original poster will be notified — allowing the commenters to slide into each other’s DM’s without the messaging fee most platforms require.

Like most user-based online platforms, DateAha! Though the extension itself creates a conversation, albeit anonymously, between people who have dated or are interested in pursuing the date-ee in question, one has to wonder how DateAha!

VirtueMart template is a state of the art graphic theme for VirtueMart shopping cart software. stately presents VirtueMart Themes which are Joomla-based templates created specifically for enabling you to run premium eCommerce websites.

Sabuj Kundu 27th May Internet security is fast moving challenge for the owners of the website. Real website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. And sadly, most of the attacks cost website owners substantial amount of time and money in getting the damage fixed. So, it becomes needful for website owners take all the possible measures into account that helps to strengthen security of their sites. In fact, almost every day Joomla powered site encounter callous hackers who mutilate website pages, upload backdoors and steal or delete sensitive information.

We have the technology to do it all daily scanning, automatic removal, web app firewall etc. In this post we have come up with a list of remarkably useful Joomla extensions that helps to secure your Joomla website. Price- Free download Editor Note: So backup tool should be the first security extensions. We keep Akeeba at top which is the best backup extension.

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