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Innovation in Information Systems Faculty members teaching the capstone Information Systems project course explored how students could get more — and more useful — peer feedback on their project work. During speed dating sessions, groups paired up, and then individual students representing the two groups paired up to reciprocally present and discuss their progress. Next, groups changed pairings, and the process was repeated. The hypothesis was that, with speed dating compared to class presentations, students could a provide more feedback on project ideas as well as b provide more helpful feedback and c demonstrate greater participation in class. Students completed brief surveys after each project-sharing session, and a sampling of sessions was observed by a trained researcher. According to the surveys, students reported receiving and giving much more helpful feedback during the speed dating sessions as compared to the presentation sessions. Students also reported being significantly more engaged during the speed dating sessions. Classroom observations showed greater participation by a broader proportion of students in the speed-dating sessions compared to presentations.


Skip the “blind date” phase when looking for that perfect classroom tool to enhance student engagement. At the end of the session you will walk away with a list of tools to explore, as well as examples of ways to immediately implement them into your face-to-face and online courses. Join us as we take a drive down the assessment lane. The tools discussed will give instructors the ability to fine-tune their instruction based on student responses. Buckle your seatbelt as we drive instruction and accelerate student achievement.

Engaging Students in the Feedback Process It is not just an anti-plagiarism tool!

Agenda – Speed Dating for road safety professionals. A series of quick fire presentations (5 mins) by road safety practitioners, backed by poster presentations, outlining schemes and interventions they have, or are currently, implementing.

Trig is not an easy concept for them to grasp and I had to think of ways to help make it easier for them to understand the process. Trig has always been a challenge for my students and each time I teach it I go into this unit hoping for the best because I love it! They always get so frustrated and give up so quickly because they view it as being too difficult for them to learn.

In the end, many see the light and realize it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be, while some don’t budge and remain struggling. I had originally made these task cards for my class to use as practice this year but it was something I never had the time to finish up. The end of this school year was a rough one and everyone was doing their best to keep their heads above water. So needless to say I never got to use them but plan to this year with my new Geometry students. Had I actually had the chance to use them I would have used them in one of the following ways:

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Intonation and Speed of Speaking Intonation Many people from different countries have improper intonation because their teacher had improper intonation. In many situations, being monotone is better than having bad intonation. The worst is when someone goes up and down too much on every word.

Speed Dating; Edit Module Show Tags. Edit Module Show Tags. Speed Dating At Boston event, local lenders get a peek at franchise concepts By Staff. hosted the event so local and regional bankers in the Northeast could hear franchisors’ minute presentations on their opportunity.

How To – Getting Started Using Active Learning Strategies Start Small Choose a tool that seems comfortable for a single class session, or even just part of a class session, rather than trying to redeisgn an entire course. For example, you might first look for a tool that will help you make your lectures more interactive instead of trying to replace lectures with activities. Then work your way up to more immersive experiences for your students.

Also, feel free to alter ideas to suit your needs; think of instructions as guidelines or suggestions rather than rules. Adjusting tools to fit your own personality, as well as the content, class structure, and student demographics, will increase their potential for success. Plan Ahead Consider logistics like time, space, and materials.

Determine how you will frame the activity, what explanations and directions you will offer, and what content students need prior to the activity in order to be successful. Think about using Flipped Teaching, where students access lecture materials through videos or online content prior to class, to free up time for active learning. Provide a Framework Explain to students what you are doing and why you are doing it. Debrief After the activity, let students discuss the experience with each other and with you.

Avoiding Pitfalls Active Learning Ideas Activity Information , List of several active learning ideas with at-a-glance descriptions, examples, and supporting research. Includes case study, concept maps, discussions, games, jigsaw, think-pair-share, role play, and more. List of examples of different teaching methods for use in classroom, including active-learning, case-based learning, collaborative learning, and interactive teaching. Includes a large section about halfway down the page covering various tips for active lectures.

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We are no longer accepting registration for this event Share this event: The 13th Global Insulation Conference is expected to attract over delegates from more than 30 countries as well as over 30 exhibitors to this extremely popular location. If your business is insulation, make sure that you attend the 13th Global Insulation Conference in Vienna! A company called Exhibition Housing Management has been contacting delegates trying to prompt them to make their hotel booking with them.

This is a scam.

Interact with other stakeholders during the speed dating session. The draft agenda is available here. To help you for the event and to make full use of the speed dating sessions later on in the day, we have created a page where you can access all of the project idea powerpoint presentations.

Presenter Dan Walker, who spent four hours on and off camera with him, said: He was talking about his kids, how they were really coming on, and talking about playing golf next week. You could see the players adored him. They really looked up to him. A Newcastle scarf is tied to the entrance to Speed’s Cheshire home Respects: A book of condolences in memory of Gary Speed is opened at the Football of Wales offices in Cardiff ‘He was the perfect example of practice what you preach and the players really followed him.

Yesterday staff there paid tribute, saying he had regularly taken the time to return and help inspire pupils. Robbie Savage, who played alongside Speed for Wales, said his former teammate had been ribbing him on Saturday about his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. Players and fans held a minute’s silence in memory of the Wales manager before the match between Swansea City and Aston Villa Respect: Never knew him but seemed a real decent fella.

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact Us Listen to this post as a podcast: We will discuss the story. We will discuss our results.

SPEED MENTORSHIP & JOB DATING. The main goal is to stimulate new conversations and collaborations across disciplines with fast-paced presentations. Please note that the mandatory fields include a short word abstract that will be published on the conference book should the session be accepted for presentation.

Icons are the perfect visuals to include in presentations. You can even combine multiple icons to create custom illustrations for your slides. Use the Icon Search in Venngage to find illustrated and flat icons: Now, you might be worried that only using two colors is boring, but it all comes down to balance. Playing off the ideas of classic minimalism, the designer made this presentation look sleek and professional.

And now your content can be the main attraction of your presentation as well! In fact, the spacing, layout, and style used in this presentation make it easy to repurpose the same images into an infographic. This allows you to create two unique pieces of content from one idea! This handy video guide will show you how to repurpose your content into different types of visuals, including infographics and social media images: Going this extreme with your design choices may seem a bit risky, but to be able to break the mold in this age of cookie-cutter presentations is worth it.

No one wants to look at slides that look exactly the same for an hour. They use a consistent visual theme on each slide, but alternate between vertical and horizontal orientations.


Evaluation of an interdisciplinary curriculum teaching team-based palliative care integration in oncology. Journal of Cancer Education. The interdisciplinary curriculum for oncology palliative care education iCOPE: Journal of Palliative Medicine, 17 10 Enhancing collaborative leadership in palliative social work in oncology.

The first half of the workshop consisted of a number of talks and presentations, which covered Xero’s mission and purpose, key projects and a deep dive into Lean Canvas. The second half saw participants take part in a ‘speed dating’ session with some of Xero’s subject matter experts.

Materials Capital markets Day in St. Petersburg, Russia on Thursday, September 22, The purpose of the event was to communicate YIT’s strategy and operations. The focus of the event was on YIT’s strategy for and how YIT seeks profitable growth in its current and new markets. Focus of growth on service and maintenance of building systems and on residential construction In terms of business operations, the focus of growth is on the service and maintenance operations of building systems as well as on residential construction.

Building system services will be increased in the Nordic countries and Central Europe, while residential construction is increased in Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries and Central Eastern Europe. The Group’s potential new market areas include, in the area of building system services, Great Britain, Netherlands and Belgium, and in the area of construction services, Poland. Central to the Group’s strategy are solutions to improve energy-efficiency, the demand for which is increasing.

Energy consumption of buildings or industrial facilities can be lowered considerably through construction, building systems and industrial services. There will be estimated investments of around EUR 35 billion in construction of wind power and nuclear power plants in the Baltic Sea region during the next decade, which offers great potential for YIT’s services.

Telling your story

A Yellow Pages commercial in Canada invokes this. The woman in the commercial is described as falling in love very quickly. When she scares off a guy she’s interested in, the narrator offers her a “Plan B”:

Poster presentations (all the presentations listed under speed-dating part I are presented in the form of posters) (all the presentations listed under speed-dating part I are presented in the form of posters).

We created categories to give people an idea of what they might be getting — mood and style of the book more than genre. In the Mood for Love Persuasion by A. Van Dine Known for my immense intellect I already know who did it, but the fun is whether anyone else can figure it out Adores fencing, golfing, fine art, and unmasking a suspect on my own terms The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison A Tibetan prison filled with Buddhist monks is the last place I expected to be Clinging to one last chance to prove myself Knows that the truth, and faith, can sometimes hurt you even as it saves you Have Pith Helmet, Will Travel The Allan Quartermain series by H.

Rider Haggard Big game hunting is the only occupation for a man such as myself Am a night owl by nature Hates the cold and damp, loves open spaces and hot weather The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis History fascinates me. Instead of reading about it, I visit the past to see it in action Am a capable nurse Tries to find hope even in the darkest times The Soldier’s Wife by Margaret Leroy Lonely and seeking comfort Sometimes the enemy is not the enemy Good at sneaking around.

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Thursday, October 17, Speed-dating Speaking Activity! It’s been a busy one for me, and I’ve gotten a little behind in my blogging This one actually was inspired by my principal, who mentioned it in passing in one of our departmental meetings. I divided my class into groups of 2. To make it more fun, they had a simple costume to wear as well How old are you?

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You stepped back to get the big picture, and you identified your core message. You now have a clearer picture of the presentation content and focus even if you do not have all the details worked out yet. The next step is to give your core message and supporting messages a logical structure. Structure will help bring order to your presentation and make it easier for you to deliver it smoothly and for your audience to understand your message easily.

Before you go from analog to digital—taking your ideas from sketches on paper and laying them out in PowerPoint or Keynote—it is important to keep in mind what makes your ideas resonate with people. What makes some presentations absolutely brilliant and others forgettable? If your goal is to create a presentation that is memorable, then you need to consider how you can craft messages that stick. One of the components for creating sticking messages is story.

We tell stories all the time. Think about times you may have been camping with a group of people, taking a tiny step back to a more primitive time, where the evening develops into long sessions of storytelling around the campfire. There is something very natural, compelling, and memorable about both telling and listening to stories. What Makes Messages Stick? Most of the great books that will help you make better presentations are not specifically about presentations at all, and they are certainly not about how to use slideware.

The Heath brothers were interested in what makes some ideas effective and memorable and others utterly forgettable.

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