Gay New Yorker Calls Police On “N-Word” Lyft Driver Who’s “Racist Against Gay People”

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Nissan Offers Cash to Get People to Carpool

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Uber and Lyft are behind a sharp rise in US traffic deaths. MIT Technology Review. The rise of ridesharing services has increased traffic deaths by % in the US since , equivalent to as many as 1, mortalities a year, .

I have a regular full-time job but on the weekends and occasional weeknights I drive for Uber. Over the last couple of years I have driven over 2, trips for Uber. At first I drove on the UberX platform. Now I drive a luxury car on the Uber Plus platform. Whenever I think that I have seen it all, something new happens. I will be sharing those stories here. I will also answer questions and give advice on how to get the most out of your rides. Photo by Captblack76 via Shutterstock I have a friend who is sexy, blonde, wild and usually down for whatever.

Here Are Today’s Best Places to Get Free Coffee for National Coffee Day

Uber, Lyft owe more to female passengers – including the chance to pick their drivers Perspective Posted: May 17, – Her brown hair falling messily into her face, she stared hard at her phone as if focusing were a chore, and then bent low to peer into my car, her gaze glassy but skeptical. When I greeted her, her relief was so familiar, so palpable, one would have thought she’d just shed a pound rucksack from her slim shoulders. Her reaction was understandable in light of the statement she made next.

I’m so happy I got a lady Lyft driver,” Adrienne declared, plopping down in the back.

A federal judge has tossed a suit filed by a Manhattan man against the hookup app after an ex-lover posted fake profiles of the year-old on the site — one that included his home and work address.

February 5, For the most part, Americans hate carpooling. And while many of us grumble regularly about traffic, we like driving our own cars—and are willing to pay the price in terms of lost time, wasted fuel, and extra frustration. Even though we can save money with shared services like Uber Pool and Lyft Line, they aren’t nearly as popular as alternatives in which riders have a vehicle to themselves. And it doesn’t help that users and drivers find the carpooling options from the two popular ride-sharing services confusing and frustrating.

Now a new app called Hytch is paying people to share rides by partnering with companies and organizations that want to promote carpooling for reasons such reducing traffic congestion, fuel usage, and tailpipe emissions. Hytch partners pony up cash rewards and other incentives, such as preferred parking to get employees and others to carpool.

Hytch, which launched in Tennessee, tracks when users are sharing a ride via GPS and works whether riders are carpooling in a private car or via a ride-sharing service. Nissan Shows it Pays to Carpool This week, Hytch announced a partnership with Nissan that sweetens the deal for those in the Nashville area, where the automaker has its US headquarters. Nissan gets corporate responsibility points out of the deal—and valuable data.

Related Hitting the Las Vegas Strip in Lyft’s Self-Driving Car Teeter added that the support of Hytch fits with the automaker’s “investing in new solutions as part of Nissan’s vision for the future of mobility. According to Hytch, a 6 percent adoption rate in carpooling would eliminate 1, daily trips into the Nashville metro area—or “the equivalent of adding an extra lane to the interstate at any given point. If Hytch catches on, we’ll see if offering drivers cash to ditch their own cars will do the trick.

Lyft Made a Beer That Comes With a Discounted Ride Home

July 17, InternetWeakGuy A friend who drives in my city picked up this girl on her bachelorette at 8pm on a Saturday night. She was going like four blocks but was so tired that she passed out the second she sat down. He pulls off and about 30 seconds later she poops in her sleep. She’s wearing very short shorts so it just falls out both sides.

Technically, Shonna met her hookup in a Lyft Line, which is Lyft’s equivalent service to UberPool. “It was the first day that Lyft Line launched, so I figured I’d try it,” she said.

Lyft has hired IPO advisor Class V Group LLC to work closely with management as they embark on the process, said people familiar with the discussions who asked not to be identified because the matter is supposed to be private. The company plans to begin taking pitches from banks as soon as September, targeting March or April for the listing, the people said. Should it go public before Uber, around the same time, or after? Going first would enable Lyft to set expectations for ride-hailing companies, draw attention away from its larger rival and lock up investor money before Uber.

Yet in going first, Lyft would risk the possibility that investors hold out for its more valuable rival. Typically, similar companies avoid listing at the same time because it may be difficult to drum up as much investor interest. They also sometimes fear being compared too closely to a competitor if the rival falters. Firms that underwrite the deal of one company cannot also underwrite its direct competitors because of potential conflicts of interest.

If Uber goes first, some firms may become unavailable to Lyft. Uber has worked with a gamut of Wall Street firms on various funding rounds and credit lines. Some firms are wrestling with the decision around which camp to seek to work with, people familiar with the matter have said. Uber will have the larger listing and bigger fee pot, but firms could have a more prominent role and fee share for siding with Lyft. Recently, Lyft has seen its valuation and market share climb as Uber has stumbled.

The App 100: The world’s greatest apps

Waymo and Lyft Join Forces in the Obsessive Pursuit of Data Waymo If the race for the self-driving was a TV sitcom, it’d be around season three or four—past the point where the guys and gals go on hilarious first dates, and reach the settling down phase, where the main characters get together: And in this week’s episode, two main characters finally hook up: For Lyft, Waymo offers perhaps the most advanced tech in this budding industry.

Jun 15,  · i used to work for the producer of entertainment for several major cruise lines – i assisted in the casting of singers and dancers who did the big production shows, not the lounge acts, but the big Broadway and Las Vegas stylel shows.

I agree that some yahoos screw up traffic patternd and cause accidents and anger. Better off schooling people in proper human behavior now that it has been removed from a lot of lives. When I started driving 53 years ago roads were narrow and crowded, people were curtious. Driving was part of the fun experience of going on vacation, even spending hours stopped, no airconditioning, all windows open, people talked to each other or listened politely to the radio.

When I drive I keep a degree pattern of where traffic is in my head, called self defence. I am like you in really watching around me at all times. I enjoy driving immensely. However, we are a dying breed. Kids are not getting their licenses at the legal age and are waiting. Some do not learn to drive until well into their 20s or more! Driving is not viewed as a freedom and means of independence by these younger generations in the same way we viewed getting our licenses.

These are also the generation using Uber and Lyft extensively, preferring to leave the transportation to others. They will be the ones driving the mandate for autonomous vehicles, not you.

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Festival-goers complain about getting around Austin without the ride-hailing services, which exited the city last year. But there are plenty of other options. Uber What would the world be like without Uber and Lyft? For some, it appears to be mayhem. Austin, Texas, is hosting the SXSW Conference and Festivals this week, gathering together thousands of techies, filmmakers and musicians. Austin is also one of the few cities to require fingerprint background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers, which caused the two companies to halt operations there last May.

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Perhaps even moreso than I did when I was younger. Teenagers actually have more rights than you might think , but there are still some serious limitations. From drinking to driving around with your friends, here are eight of the most frustrating age restrictions. Yeah, back in the ’70s some year-olds could easily buy a six-pack of beer.

Personally, I didn’t really drink as a teen, so I didn’t care about not being old enough to buy alcohol. That is, until I came back to the states after studying abroad in London.

Uber Vehicle Marketplace

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Aug 20,  · Since Brian Roberts became CFO of Lyft in , the San Francisco rideshare company has grown over 5,%. Today, Lyft gives over 10 million rides .

A new in-app feedback tool will let you tell Lyft when your ride isn’t all smiles. Lyft’s adding a mid-ride feedback option in the app — and don’t worry, the driver won’t be affected. While in the middle of a ride, if you open Lyft, you’ll see a prompt asking, “How’s your route? Lyft overhauls its app to emphasize shared rides The feature will be familiar to passengers who also use Uber.

Back in May, Lyft’s competitor added mid-ride tipping and driver feedback. But Lyft wants to know those details. Importantly, a driver’s tip or rating won’t be affected if you let the app know it sent your car on an inefficient route. Drivers simply follow the directions given to them, and with shared rides, picking up more people is unavoidable. But if it seems egregious that you’re picking up another passenger while your ETA keeps ticking up, you can let Lyft know you’re not happy.

LYFT Lyft says this information will hopefully translate into improved shared rides experiences.

Lyft co-founder: Ride-sharing startups will make taxi companies more money

Going to Vegas bars alone? Feb 13, , 9: I go to Vegas a couple times a year alone. I am 30 years old and have done this since I was your age.

Lyft drivers aren’t as thrilled as taco enthusiasts about “Taco Mode,” the ride-hailing app’s new collaboration with Taco Bell. The new feature, scheduled to debut in the next year, would.

Adam Dupuis November 16, Andres Berreondo did what tens of thousands of us do daily, he ordered a car on a ride share app and waited for the driver. Today, his experience is one that will have many in our community thinking twice about ordering a ride. This time, he wasn’t sure if he would make it out of his Lyft ride alive. His trip from his Miami apartment this afternoon to a friend’s office, transporting two large boxes causing him to sit in the front passenger seat, was one he was not expecting “I can tell he was with an attitude, and even from the beginning with this bad energy,” he said.

How do you react when the driver is not using the GPS? I usually do strike up a conversation to see what they are thinking and why they are not using the directions provided. He then pulled out a gun and told Berreondo, “I want to kill everyone that is gay. There is no place in the Lyft community for discrimination or violence of any kind. As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we permanently deactivated the driver.

We have been in contact with the passenger to offer our full support, and stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigation. Do you take certain precautions while in a ride share vehicle? Do you worry that the driver may be homophobic?