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It undid some historical things dating back ten thousand years. Iraq is home to the oldest agricultural traditions in the world. Wheat, barley, rye, lentils, sheep, goats, and pigs were all originally brought under human control around BCE. Iraq is where wild wheat was once originated and many of its cereal varieties have been exported and adapted worldwide. The beginning of agriculture led inexorably to the development of human civilization. Since then, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia have used informal seed supply systems to plant crops, suited to their particular environment.

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Origin[ edit ] Spikelets of a hulled wheat, einkorn Cultivation and repeated harvesting and sowing of the grains of wild grasses led to the creation of domestic strains, as mutant forms ‘sports’ of wheat were preferentially chosen by farmers. In domesticated wheat, grains are larger, and the seeds inside the spikelets remain attached to the ear by a toughened rachis during harvesting.

In wild strains, a more fragile rachis allows the ear to easily shatter and disperse the spikelets. As the traits that improve wheat as a food source also involve the loss of the plant’s natural seed dispersal mechanisms, highly domesticated strains of wheat cannot survive in the wild. Dated archeological remains of einkorn wheat in settlement sites near this region, including those at Abu Hureyra in Syria, suggest the domestication of einkorn near the Karacadag Mountain Range.

With the exception of Iraq ed-Dubb, the earliest carbon dated remains of domesticated emmer wheat were found in the earliest levels of Tell Aswad , in the Damascus basin, near Mount Hermon in Syria.

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Tags csa , entrepreneur , farmers , herb farmers , nashville , skincare business , tennessee , urban farm If you find yourself in Nashville enjoying one of its hippest neighborhoods, East Nashville, you may stumble upon an unexpected, yet welcome, attraction: Amidst this growing city that draws new inhabitants estimated at close to people a day Reicher, , Nashville native, Nicole Mattingly, runs her thriving farm and herbal business.

A Farming Lineage Perhaps even more uncommon than being a native to Nashville is the fact that Nicole farms the very land her great-grandmother once lived and gardened on. Her roots on the land run deep. Nearly 40 years ago, in , her parents and great-grandparents moved onto the property. Before this, dating back to the s, the land was a tree nursery. Nicole grew up alongside her great-grandmother, doing the things we would now classify as homesteading and herbalism, but to both her and her great-grandmother, they were simply what you did, born of necessity and tradition.

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Hijacker Stephen Fray released on parole November 09, Photo Fray Stephen Fray, the Jamaican man who was sentenced to more than 70 years in prison for hijacking a commercial airline at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St James, nearly a decade ago, has been released on parole. Jamaica was thrust into the international spotlight on April 19, , when Fray, armed with a gun, forced his way on to an aircraft operated by CanJet Airlines after it arrived at the Sangster International Airport shortly after 10 p.

He was subsequently indicted in the Western Regional Gun Court for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, shooting with intent, robbery with aggravation, and assault. At the end of his trial later that year, Fray was found guilty of all the charges, except two counts of assault, and sentenced to a total of 84 years in prison.

But the soil under farmers’ feet has become much more valuable in the past decade. While urban commercial real estate has skyrocketed in The United States. Themost recent figures from USDA, dating from , show that roughly 25 million acres, about 2 percent of our national total of ,, acres, are in foreign hands. And the pace.

These quotes are samples dating back several hundred years to those current. Enjoy these, no matter what your background may be…. I take it everywhere with me. They refuse to be English. I can sit and look at it for hours. Take it or leave it. May they never meet! Everyone says you’re important and nice, but you take second place all the same.

Hijacker Stephen Fray released on parole

GM rice accounted for about a third of contamination cases, despite the fact there is officially no GM rice grown anywhere in the world. They also focused on cases of contamination arising from unauthorised GM crops: The authors argue that once GM contamination has happened, it can be difficult to contain. It is not just a vague hope. It is an intentional strategy.

It has not only happened in the US, but in India too.

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After all, it was recorded a full six weeks prior to the Bears gaining entry into the Super Bowl; two players even declined to appear in the accompanying music video, fearing some sort of karmic reprisal. It said we were going to do a dance, and it’s the Super Bowl Shuffle. It was a novelty song performed by athletes that fans both in and out of Chicago found entertaining.

More than , copies of the single were sold, and , videotapes were moved in its first year of release. Rather than have egg on their face, the Bears wound up winning the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, their moonlighting session would have an unforeseen consequence. It proved to be a lot more complicated than that.

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You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr. Flickr at its best is a place to connect, to discover, and to evolve as photographers and lovers of photography.

Pest Control: Past and Present The Changing Pest Control Landscape in the Food Processing Industry By Zia Siddiqi, Ph.D., B.C.E., Director of Quality Systems, Orkin, LLC In today’s world of heightened scrutiny on food safety, it’s hard to Continue reading →.

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Supplied Dimakatso Sekhoto wants to see more young farmers in the industry and she’s doing everything in her power to make it happen. Dimakatso Sekhoto is one of five South Africans being celebrated by Metropolitan for her successes in the agriculture industry. After pursuing a career in finance, Dimakatso left her work in to help her father with their farm and she has been inspiring and empowering other young farmers ever since. So, I was literally just helping him with the finances and that was our commercial farm that he bought with the assistance of the government,” she tells us.

A study shows that women entrepreneurs could boost South Africa’s economy in the billions “My experience was really around learning because I needed to learn the industry because I obviously didn’t know anything about the farm,” she explains.

Volunteers have created a portrait in sand at Porthcurno beach in Cornwall, southwest England, for the centenary of Armistice Day. The beach drawing was of Cornish man Richard Charles Graves-Sawle, who fought with the Coldstream Guards in France, until his death on November 2,

Only one recommendation for app dev team Nov 27, Coronaboi This application is amazing! By far my favorite app to listen to music! My one recommendation is to allow us to remove a song from the upcoming songs on a playlist created by the app. When I listen to a certain artist, sometimes I just want to listen to that artist; I turn the variety of the station off, but I still sometimes encounter a different artist.

I still somehow encounter other artists songs. I would like to be able to remove that from what’s playing next at my discretion. Also when I am listening to my station I encounter songs i don’t really like, would be nice to be able to take them off before they ever play. Other than that, app is perfect. Also please add a visual equalizer. I wanna see something cool as my music plays. Suggestion Please Oct 8, Crazybubbles I love the app and I don’t know if there’s a way to change this certain thing and I haven’t noticed because I overlooked it, but I have one suggestion When I add a song to a playlist it doesn’t add it to the top but adds it to the bottom and I was wondering if you could change that so I don’t have to scroll all the way down to see if I actually added the song?

Maybe you could make it so that there’s more options on editing a playlist instead of just being able to move the songs around and deleting them because it’s such a bore when I have to do it again and again.

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Eliodomestico Solar Still Industrial designer Gabriele Diamanti created this award-winning solar household still for developing countries with limited or no access to fresh drinking water. It works somewhat like an upside-down coffee maker: You pour seawater through the opening at the top, and the sun heats it during the day. The pressure forces steam through the nozzle leading to a watertight boiler, and condenses against the lid. The Eliodomestico provides up to 5 liters of water a day, and because the sun does all the work, there are no operating costs.

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Rich The answer, increasingly, is not American farmers. Think of it this way: That boom has resulted in more people and companies bidding on American farmland. And not just farmers. Institutional investors have long balanced their portfolios by putting part of their money in natural resources—goldmines and coal fields and forests. But farmland, which was largely held by small property owners and difficult for the financial industry to access, was largely off the table.

That changed around

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Now with double the insight! Chiti Makwetu Simamkele Dlakavu Simamkele Dlakavu Simamkele Dlakavu is a human rights television producer and runs a social enterprise aimed at developing rural and township youth in South Africa. And yet the old debates still rage on: And do they have the capabilities and resources to venture into the tough terrain of commercial farming?

At first, judging by the efforts of government in post-Apartheid South Africa to increase and empower more black farmers, it would appear that the critics have a leg to stand on.

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